Betrayal Level 1000

Hey guys, Thanks for checking in! Yesterday was great. I reached 200 followers on my page and also published my 100th post since I started - thanks again to everyone! But, today I want to talk about something else. Something that happened almost 1 1/2 years ago. Something that is still haunting me. Something Else … Continue reading Betrayal Level 1000

I Cried…

Hey guys, Thanks for checking in. I appreciate all of you reading this, being here, commenting and following my page. It means a lot. Even if I'm in a state of mind right now where I'm just commenting on my feelings after the accident. I'm going to keep this short. I just need to write … Continue reading I Cried…

You Can’t Do That Anymore, Rasmus

Hey guys, Thanks for checking in. Before you read this - my name is Rasmus. Just so you know 🙂 So, today was a tough day. To give you some information on why, you have to know that I decided to make a career change last year. I decided to quit the office jobs and … Continue reading You Can’t Do That Anymore, Rasmus

Leaving Dublin 2.0

Hey guys, Thanks for checking in. If you're reading this and thinking: "Why haven't I heard anything from Junior for a long time?" or if you're just an excited new reader, please read my latest post Corona made me come here… to read why I came back and what has happened during the past 6 months. … Continue reading Leaving Dublin 2.0

Another Travelversary

Hey Guys, Thanks for checking in! I'm going to start this off with a quote: May You Always Have... Walls For The Wind A Roof For The Rain A Drink By The Fire Laughter To Cheer You & The Ones You Love One year ago today, I posted this on Facebook, followed by: "Thank you … Continue reading Another Travelversary

Look Up

Hey guys, Thanks for checking in! So, recently I read a post about how we're all addicted by out phones and other electronically devices. Unfortunately, I can't find the link, but you probably know the story anyway. The main talking point in the article was the fact that we always look down. We always look … Continue reading Look Up


Hey guys, Thanks for checking in and happy Friday! I published a post yesterday, called 2 Years & 24 Hours. You guys loved it and it's my most "liked" post so far, so I appreciate you guys - thank you! 2 Years Ago So, yesterday it was 2 Years and 24 Hours. Today it's just 2 … Continue reading 2 Years – TRAVELVERSARY!

2 Years & 24 Hours

Hey Guys, Thanks for checking in. Today and tomorrow are two days I'll probably remember for the rest of my life. This time, 2 years ago, I started my 24 hour countdown. 24 hour countdown to what, you might ask. Well, 2 years and 24 hours ago, I was getting on a plane, left Denmark … Continue reading 2 Years & 24 Hours

Another Milestone

Hey Guys, Thanks for checking in! I just wanted to tell you that I just reached my next milestone - 150 followers. Thank you for following me here, I appreciate people who wants to listen and read what I have to say. Have a good day! Take care, Junior.

“Dress Good”

Hey Guys, Thanks for checking in. Actually, I've already covered this once - right here: The Clothes Make The Man, right?. I'm going to do it again, because recently somebody had posted something on LinkedIn, hinting, that you can't be a good working unless you dress the part - dress to impress. Honestly, this is … Continue reading “Dress Good”