Life Update – EXCITING NEWS!

Hey guys, Thanks for checking in. I'm sorry it has taken so long to write something here - it has been a crazy couple of months, but I'm finally on summer holiday now for the next two months after passing my exam a week ago. A lot of exciting things has happened since my last … Continue reading Life Update – EXCITING NEWS!

Looking back…

Hey guys, Thanks for checking in. As always, I hope you're well and that you're safe in this crazy world we live in - oh, and happy Easter! I didn't really think about making a post regarding this but then a memory popped up on Facebook yesterday and I simply had to write about it. … Continue reading Looking back…

Life Update – first month of 2021

Hey guys, thanks for checking in - as always, I hope you're all well and safe! If you actually read my posts, you've probably seen my Happy New Year post in which I listed my goals for the year. I'll try my best to update these every two-three months for my own sanity and motivation … Continue reading Life Update – first month of 2021

Back to school at 28?

Hey guys, Thanks for checking in. I hope you've had a great weekend and that you're enjoying your Sunday! I had some friends over from class on Friday and we had so much fun talking about other stuff than school and work. We're allowed back to school tomorrow, so we figured it was a good … Continue reading Back to school at 28?

Betrayal Level 1000

Hey guys, Thanks for checking in! Yesterday was great. I reached 200 followers on my page and also published my 100th post since I started - thanks again to everyone! But, today I want to talk about something else. Something that happened almost 1 1/2 years ago. Something that is still haunting me. Something Else … Continue reading Betrayal Level 1000

You Can’t Do That Anymore, Rasmus

Hey guys, Thanks for checking in. Before you read this - my name is Rasmus. Just so you know 🙂 So, today was a tough day. To give you some information on why, you have to know that I decided to make a career change last year. I decided to quit the office jobs and … Continue reading You Can’t Do That Anymore, Rasmus

Junior Who? Now vs then!

Hey guys, Thanks for checking in. The first post I ever made was a post about myself called Journey with Junior – who? In this post I talked about who I am, my background and I really wanted to write this post to update that post. Now, I want to make a follow-up on some of … Continue reading Junior Who? Now vs then!

Leaving Dublin 2.0

Hey guys, Thanks for checking in. If you're reading this and thinking: "Why haven't I heard anything from Junior for a long time?" or if you're just an excited new reader, please read my latest post Corona made me come here… to read why I came back and what has happened during the past 6 months. … Continue reading Leaving Dublin 2.0

Corona made me come here…

Hey guys, Thanks for checking in! So, my last post was actually more than a year ago. The last post I made was writing about Another Travelversary - talking about moving to Dublin for the first time etc. Anywho, I totally fell off on this whole blogging thing and actually didn't think about it for … Continue reading Corona made me come here…

Another Travelversary

Hey Guys, Thanks for checking in! I'm going to start this off with a quote: May You Always Have... Walls For The Wind A Roof For The Rain A Drink By The Fire Laughter To Cheer You & The Ones You Love One year ago today, I posted this on Facebook, followed by: "Thank you … Continue reading Another Travelversary