Dealing with imposter syndrome?

Hey guys, Thanks for checking in. As always, I hope you're all safe and well during these crazy times we're all going through. Today, I want to talk about something I honestly didn't know anything about until very recently. A feeling or feelings that I have been struggling with for a few years now and … Continue reading Dealing with imposter syndrome?

Life Update – EXCITING NEWS!

Hey guys, Thanks for checking in. I'm sorry it has taken so long to write something here - it has been a crazy couple of months, but I'm finally on summer holiday now for the next two months after passing my exam a week ago. A lot of exciting things has happened since my last … Continue reading Life Update – EXCITING NEWS!

Fighting Mental Issues (Mental Health Month)

Hi Guys, Thanks for checking in! Let me just start off by apologizing the long time no hear from my part. I've been swamped with school projects, exam and trying to improve my skills as an up-and-coming UX/UI designer. This one post is going to be covering af general, but big problem in the world … Continue reading Fighting Mental Issues (Mental Health Month)

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I’ve started meditating…

Hey guys, thanks for checking in. As always, I hope you alright and that you're all doing well despite the current situation of the world. A lot has changed this past year since COVID-19 took over our world and literally stopped our lives as we knew it. The world is way different than what we're … Continue reading I’ve started meditating…

Life Update – first month of 2021

Hey guys, thanks for checking in - as always, I hope you're all well and safe! If you actually read my posts, you've probably seen my Happy New Year post in which I listed my goals for the year. I'll try my best to update these every two-three months for my own sanity and motivation … Continue reading Life Update – first month of 2021

Oh, the cold is here…

Hey guys, Hope you're all well and safe. Christmas is closing in and it gets colder and colder every day. Unlike a lot of people, I personally prefer the cold weather over hot. I've never been good with hot weather despite the fact that I lived in Lisbon, Portugal for a while about 7 years … Continue reading Oh, the cold is here…

Feeling Alone vs Being Alone

Hey guys, Thanks for checking in. We all know the world isn't what it used to be. Corona has changed a lot of things so far in 2020. People losing their jobs, not being able to visit friends and family and even people leaving our world way too early. Mentally and physically it's a struggle … Continue reading Feeling Alone vs Being Alone

How I Get Ideas To Write About

Hey guys, thanks for checking in! If you're sitting out there writing on your page like I am right now looking for inspiration on what to write about - I feel you. It is hard to keep coming up with ideas and finding inspiration is important. A while ago I wrote about this and how … Continue reading How I Get Ideas To Write About

Gaming – The Online Community

Hey guys, Thanks for checking in. Today's post is going to be super short, but I just wanted to talk about gaming and how it's changing a lot of people's lives. It's influencing a lot of people and creating loads of connections across countries etc. Social Distancing Gamers has been practicing social distancing for a … Continue reading Gaming – The Online Community

I Cried…

Hey guys, Thanks for checking in. I appreciate all of you reading this, being here, commenting and following my page. It means a lot. Even if I'm in a state of mind right now where I'm just commenting on my feelings after the accident. I'm going to keep this short. I just need to write … Continue reading I Cried…