MILESTONE – 200 of You Legends!

Hey guys, Thanks for checking in. I just wanted to announce that I've reached 200 followers on my page. I appreciate every single one of you and I hope to see many more in the future! Here's a rare thumps up photo of me showing my appreciation. I'll have a new post up and running … Continue reading MILESTONE – 200 of You Legends!

How I Get Ideas To Write About

Hey guys, thanks for checking in! If you're sitting out there writing on your page like I am right now looking for inspiration on what to write about - I feel you. It is hard to keep coming up with ideas and finding inspiration is important. A while ago I wrote about this and how … Continue reading How I Get Ideas To Write About

I Cried…

Hey guys, Thanks for checking in. I appreciate all of you reading this, being here, commenting and following my page. It means a lot. Even if I'm in a state of mind right now where I'm just commenting on my feelings after the accident. I'm going to keep this short. I just need to write … Continue reading I Cried…

We’re Irrelevant

Hey guys, Thanks for checking in, I wrote you a little something. It is in times like this we learn how to handle things on our own. It is in times like this we realize that we are irrelevant alone.  It is in times like this we must let our passion be shown,  And let … Continue reading We’re Irrelevant

Stuggle of being down

Hey guys, Thanks for checking in! A week ago I updated my "Junior who" post to keep you all updated on what's happened during the past 2-3 years. In the post I talked about my back injury and today I want to try and talk about the aftermath of this injury. What happened? I was … Continue reading Stuggle of being down

Junior Who? Now vs then!

Hey guys, Thanks for checking in. The first post I ever made was a post about myself called Journey with Junior – who? In this post I talked about who I am, my background and I really wanted to write this post to update that post. Now, I want to make a follow-up on some of … Continue reading Junior Who? Now vs then!

Leaving Dublin 2.0

Hey guys, Thanks for checking in. If you're reading this and thinking: "Why haven't I heard anything from Junior for a long time?" or if you're just an excited new reader, please read my latest post Corona made me come here… to read why I came back and what has happened during the past 6 months. … Continue reading Leaving Dublin 2.0

Look Up

Hey guys, Thanks for checking in! So, recently I read a post about how we're all addicted by out phones and other electronically devices. Unfortunately, I can't find the link, but you probably know the story anyway. The main talking point in the article was the fact that we always look down. We always look … Continue reading Look Up


Hey guys, Thanks for checking in and happy Friday! I published a post yesterday, called 2 Years & 24 Hours. You guys loved it and it's my most "liked" post so far, so I appreciate you guys - thank you! 2 Years Ago So, yesterday it was 2 Years and 24 Hours. Today it's just 2 … Continue reading 2 Years – TRAVELVERSARY!

2 Years & 24 Hours

Hey Guys, Thanks for checking in. Today and tomorrow are two days I'll probably remember for the rest of my life. This time, 2 years ago, I started my 24 hour countdown. 24 hour countdown to what, you might ask. Well, 2 years and 24 hours ago, I was getting on a plane, left Denmark … Continue reading 2 Years & 24 Hours