MILESTONE – 200 of You Legends!

Hey guys, Thanks for checking in. I just wanted to announce that I've reached 200 followers on my page. I appreciate every single one of you and I hope to see many more in the future! Here's a rare thumps up photo of me showing my appreciation. I'll have a new post up and running … Continue reading MILESTONE – 200 of You Legends!

How I Get Ideas To Write About

Hey guys, thanks for checking in! If you're sitting out there writing on your page like I am right now looking for inspiration on what to write about - I feel you. It is hard to keep coming up with ideas and finding inspiration is important. A while ago I wrote about this and how … Continue reading How I Get Ideas To Write About

The Corona Impact: Carnival Cancelled

Hey guys, Thanks for checking in. I wasn't even supposed to write and/or post anything today but when I woke up today I hadn't realized that today is the main day of the year in my hometown. Today is the annual carnival of Aalborg, Denmark. Today is the day a lot of people are looking … Continue reading The Corona Impact: Carnival Cancelled

The “Corona-Cut” (Shocking Result)

Hey guys, thanks for checking in! About a week ago I wrote my first post in over a year called Corona made me come here… Obviously, this post is about Corona, me not having anything to do mixed with the feeling of wanting to express myself in here and be a part of this community … Continue reading The “Corona-Cut” (Shocking Result)

Another Travelversary

Hey Guys, Thanks for checking in! I'm going to start this off with a quote: May You Always Have... Walls For The Wind A Roof For The Rain A Drink By The Fire Laughter To Cheer You & The Ones You Love One year ago today, I posted this on Facebook, followed by: "Thank you … Continue reading Another Travelversary

Look Up

Hey guys, Thanks for checking in! So, recently I read a post about how we're all addicted by out phones and other electronically devices. Unfortunately, I can't find the link, but you probably know the story anyway. The main talking point in the article was the fact that we always look down. We always look … Continue reading Look Up


Hey guys, Thanks for checking in and happy Friday! I published a post yesterday, called 2 Years & 24 Hours. You guys loved it and it's my most "liked" post so far, so I appreciate you guys - thank you! 2 Years Ago So, yesterday it was 2 Years and 24 Hours. Today it's just 2 … Continue reading 2 Years – TRAVELVERSARY!

2 Years & 24 Hours

Hey Guys, Thanks for checking in. Today and tomorrow are two days I'll probably remember for the rest of my life. This time, 2 years ago, I started my 24 hour countdown. 24 hour countdown to what, you might ask. Well, 2 years and 24 hours ago, I was getting on a plane, left Denmark … Continue reading 2 Years & 24 Hours

Another Milestone

Hey Guys, Thanks for checking in! I just wanted to tell you that I just reached my next milestone - 150 followers. Thank you for following me here, I appreciate people who wants to listen and read what I have to say. Have a good day! Take care, Junior.

“Dress Good”

Hey Guys, Thanks for checking in. Actually, I've already covered this once - right here: The Clothes Make The Man, right?. I'm going to do it again, because recently somebody had posted something on LinkedIn, hinting, that you can't be a good working unless you dress the part - dress to impress. Honestly, this is … Continue reading “Dress Good”