About Journey with Junior

Hi guys!

Welcome to Journey with Junior!

My name is Rasmus Bak Kristensen also known as Junior.
I’m a 28-year-old Danish guy who wants to become more creative. I’m currently in school studying to become a multimedia designer and my dream is to work as a UI/UX designer post graduation next year. I’ve recently created my own company called Clickidy, which is a big step towards my dream of becoming a digital nomad. 

This is my blog and my best attempt to put my thoughts, actions and struggles into sentences – and hopefully they can inspire one or two readers out there! It will be personal, it will be (hopefully) motivational and fun.

Feel free to follow my blog and get a notification every time another awesome post is being published! If you like my stuff, I’ll sent you a virtual hug for liking, commenting and sharing it!

Welcome, I hope you enjoy reading my stuff. Thank you!

Junior out.

Yep, this is me!

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