Project 315

Hey guys,

Thanks for checking in.

I’ve decided to start another project. As I’m still in between jobs and I need projects to keep my body and mind sane, so I sat down to figure out what kind of project I wanted to do this time.

So what did I do?

I sat down and figured out what I wanted most right now. And I came to the conclusion that I’m tired of being tired. Why am I tired, you might ask? I’m not tired per say, I’m just not happy about a few things and the main thing is my nemesis – my weight.

Therefore, I sat down to figure out what I wanted and how I could put it into a project with a deadline. You might think that a diet/weight loss shouldn’t have a deadline but I want to change my body – big time.

Mass vs Lean

Due to the high body fat percentage I’ve had pretty much all my life I tend to easily develop muscles. Which is pretty cool. Problem is, that I also have to much fat on my body, which is the problem I’m tired about.

It has always been a problem and now I want to change it. What better way than to make it a challenge/project.


Project 315

So, to be able to do this I had to do some calculations and sat down to figure out when I want to reach my goal.

The name of the project kind of reveals it – I want to reach my goal in 315 days – or to be exact on July 11th 2019.

But what is the project? The overall project of course is to lose weight. But this time I’ve decided I want to lose a specific amount of kilos = 25kgs.

Done it before

I did this years ago. I signed up for a personal trainer. I was living and breathing bodybuilding and I did nothing else. In the beginning of my “blogging”-career I wrote a post called My biggest every day struggle – have a look and you’ll know exactly what my problem has been.

I know I can do it and I want to prove to myself that I can do it.

Skærmbillede 2018-08-30 kl. 10.46.39.png

Wrap Up

I’ve made changes already and I’m going to keep you guys updated on this challenge every week – I think posting here will keep me motivated.

Back to work, right?


Take care,

Junior out.

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