Time For A Challenge!

Hey guys!

Thanks for checking in!

This might sound weird to some of you guys and I’m not going to blame you. This post will probably make me look like a danish dude that’s drunk all the time. But hey, Danish people are some of the happiest people on earth – so maybe it’s alright..

Issue is, that I like to be social. Being social in todays society usually means that you have to drink – not water or milk – but alcohol. If you want to be a part of the fun stories, the fun parties, the fun whatever you’ve got to drink.

Some of you’ll probably think I’m crazy but that’s the truth, at least where I come from.

Don’t Judge Me

Therefore, as I have a trip to Florida coming up I would love to lose a few pounds. Best way to do so is to cut down on alcohol as it is the #1 on the “no-go”-list when you want to lose weight.

Before I went to Dublin, I worked as a bartender for The Old Irish Pub in my hometown Aalborg in Denmark for almost 2 years. Working as a bartender you tend to grow your network and your love of alcohol automatically increases as it’s a part of your daily routine. Like it or not.

So, after I came home and moved into my new apartment, I’ve been drinking quite a lot as I’ve had a lot of friends to spent some time with and we all know there is no hanging out without alcohol.

No Alcohol For A Month

I’ve done it before. I’ve actually been quite serious about my weight loss but my issue is that it has been on and off – and I blame the alcohol.

I tend to always do the challenge at the worst of times. This summer – right now – the Football (soccer if you’re that kind of person) World Cup in Russia is on. The World Cup is only every 4 years and being a massive football fan myself – drinking and watching the games is kind of a big deal. Also, it’s summer time and we’ve got some festivals coming up so it’s going to be tough.

But! That’s why the challenge is going to be an actual challenge. If I did it when it was easy to just stay at home, why would I even do it? If it was easy – everybody would do it. Haha.

Wrap Up

So, currently I have 26 days left of my “no alcohol for a month”-challenge. I’m going to make it, of course, and hopefully I will be a few pounds lighter when flying out to the United States in August..

Guys, this was a pretty unserious type of post. My blog is Every Day Thoughts and Struggles – so every challenge is a part of that!

Thanks for reading!


Junior out.

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